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I have a lot of people ask me food storage question so I thought I would share a few of my feelings with you.

Questions: Why do you do your food storage as Meals in Mylar?
Well, Being a single women I decided if for any reason I needed to leave my home in a hurry I wanted simple food storage that tasted great. I had tried a few of the MRE style meals out there but they just weren’t very tasty so I started making my own recipes into meals in a Mylar.

Question: How long are the Meals good for?
Well the freeze dried food I use has a shelf live of 25 years, Meals in a mylar have a 7 to 10 year shelve life but I can tell you none of my regular food storage will be on the shelf that long. I have saved packages to sample for freshness at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years but my meals are rotated about every 2 years I eat 3 meals a week from mine to keep them rotated and also to keep me away from fast food. With busy schedules its easy to boil water and have a great meal in 30 minutes.
(By the way at 5 years my meals tasted jut like the ones I have packaged the week before. I have a few people sample and they all agreed I will let you now in 5 years how they taste at 10 years)

Question: Whats the best Mylar bag to get. Where is the cheapest place to get them.
I use a 5 mil Food Grade Mylar and I prefer the 2 quart Ziploc just a lot easier to work with. Best supplies and Deals on my website you will see a link to the company I have been using I love the ease of ordering and they ship priority no shipping charge and I have them in 3 to 4 days.

Question: do I have to use Freexe dried. What if I already have dehydrated.
I understand that many people already have dehydrated products I will be the first person to tell you use what you have first. With that being said if you are trying to make meals in a mylar that your family will love I would do a 50/50 meaning if it calls for 1 cup of freexe dried Bell Peppers use ¼ cup Freexe dried and ¼ cup dehydrated you want your meal to taste right and look good.

Question: Can I use a food saver to seal a mylar bag.
No the heat is just not high enough. I would use an old Iron that method is covered in my “Touch of Gourmet” Food Storage Manual. I have recently purchased and impulse sealer and I LOVE it. Also under Deals and Specials you will find the link for the impulse sealer best $45.00 I have ever spent.

Question: Do you buy all your products at Honeyville. And Why.
No not all the things I use are Honeyville but ALL my Freexe Dried Meat, Fruit and Vegetables are. I have tried many products and what I have found is if its cheap (meaning $5.00 a can cheaper than Honeyville) then something is wrong either I am going to have problems with the shelf life or the taste. Since it is my food storage I look for quality and price together. There are a few things I only get from the LDS Cannery (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Cannery) in the back of my book I give you a list of those items purchaseing them there will save you about 65.00 when you are make 45 meals that would be and extra 8 or 9 – 6 serving meals. All my spices are from WinCo Bulk section if you don’t have a WinCo I think you can order online from them if not check out spice jungle on line.

Question: If I am not Mormon can I go to the cannery.
Yes, They are so helpful, just be sure to be kind because everyone there is a volunteer they give their time freely so that we can all enjoy the savings on the cost of items purchased there.

Question: what if I am gluten free or diabetic
Well if you have diet restrictions you should understand what things can be subsituded in the recipes but I am always an email away to confirm what you are changing. There are great Rice pastas, and flours available. I am always amaxed at how easy it is to find things for rice I use Quinoa (I am diabetic) for flours I use Alond or gluten free.

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