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  1. Tamera stephens
    Tamera stephens says:

    Hi, there. I want to Honeyville today and they told me about you when I shared my reservations about making my meals in a bottle. I bought a few items but wanted to come home and research before I bought more. My problem is I have to follow a vegan food plan and I don’t know if your cookbook would have vegan recipes in it. I’m wondering if it’s economical to eat daily from freeze dried foods and if it would just be casseroles and soups. Can’t imagine roasting or doing a stir fry. I’m going to be searching the web for any articles you may have written. Thank you!

    • Beth Hansen
      Beth Hansen says:

      Tamera Stephens I am not sure your question was ever answered so let me address your questions. Yes all my recipes can be made vegan any of the bouillon can be replaced with Vegetable. The meat can be totally removed or replaced with TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) no my meals are not all casseroles and soup. I have Alfredo dishes, skillet Lasagna, Stir fry dishes there are plenty of different dishes and yes it is very economical to eat daily I have been eating freeze dried food daily for 2 years and love it NO GMO for me


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