Emergency Food Storage DIY guide

Create Your own Freeze Dried Meals – Emergency Food Storage, Preppers and Hikers

The first 2 questions you need to ask yourself about food storage is WHY and HOW.
Why are you preparing? Once you understand why you want to have food storage you can decide how long you want to have you food storage cover and what type of storage you would like to have. So deciding you why is very important. I will give you an idea of what I mean by why. I hear all kinds of reason for why.

  • Preparing for bad economy, job loss, financial downfall
  • Easier food preparation
  • Bulk buying (saves money)
  • The end of the world, zombie apocalypse

For me what drove me was #1,2 and 3
Now that you know why you need to figure out a few more things before you decide the how.

  • Are you preparing with the thought in mind that you well be staying in your home?
  • Do you think you need to be mobile?
  • Do you think you will have normal preparation and cooking?
  • Are you thinking outdoor cooking?

No matter which way you choose you will need:
A place to store you food storage that is large enough to store plenty of food indoors in a place that 80 degrees or cooler
A way of organizing you food for easy rotation.
A rotating system
Now the how

  • Canning fresh foods in Mason Jar you can, can Fruits, Veggies, and meat
  • Bulk storage dehydrated and freeze-dried #10 cans, and 50 lb bags or 5 gallon buckets
  • MRE meals
  • Dry meals in a Jar
  • Dry meals in a Mylar

For me, I looked at everything with the worst case scenario in mind. I planned my storage that I may need to leave my home and where my cooking facility might not be on a stove. Therefore, I chose to do all my food storage into pre-made meals and felt that Mylar traveled better than the mason jars and started creating meals in a Mylar bag.

You can find my recipes in my book as well as detailed preperation necessities, supplies and suppliers.  Additionally, have a peek under Best Suppliers and Deals from the above website menu for quick shopping.  You’ll find that comparing commertially prepared whole meals vs. creating your own meals will cost just 1/3 of what you would otherwise spend to be prepared.

I choose to buy quality Freeze dried product usually costing about 1-5 dollars per can more than the poorer quality stuff.  The difference is that a lot of freeze-dried products have a 5-10 year shelf life. The products I use have a 25 year life, so if you choose not to rotate through your food storage very often, you can be ensured that your investment is not wasted.

I built my food storage by using ½ of my monthly budget to buy Freeze Dried food then I made my meals and my family ate those meals for ½ the month but because it is so much cheaper I made 45 meals out of the budget money added 30 meals to my food storage and we at 15 I did this for 3 months to build my 90 day food storage I also used my experience to teach classes I charged 35.00 for people to come learn my method they made six meals and took 3 meals home leaving 3 for my food storage I always tried to have 15 people so that I could add 45 meals to my food storage it cost me about 80.00 and 4 hours of time. “My Touch of Gourmet Food Storage Manual” makes it even easier now I spend 2 hours (most of it driving to 3 different places I get supplies from) and about 50.00 so the book will help you grow your food storage and save your money. Benefits to Freeze dried:

  • 25 year shelf life
  • weight-a full backpack is like carrying bags of top Ramien
  • Easy preparation
  • freeze Dried food save 95% of food flavor and nutrients

Short Term Food Storage & Emergency Food Storage

This should be considered as the bare minimum list. Build and prepare with the intention of getting your family through a very short time of need, like a power outage, water outage, or small emergency lasting just days or less.

  • You should have enough food and water for each family member
  • It should be easy to access
  • It should be portable
  • You should have 3 days of your prescription medicines
  • You should also have 1 change of cloths in current sixes
  • (make an emergency pack for each member of the family)
  • You should make them in an easy to carry backpack

Most of the items in this kit will be replaced every 1-3 years
Life Sustaining- This should be everything your family uses for 90 days. This food Storage is most often used during illness or when there is a job loss.
Make sure you have what your family uses (do not store things that your family doesn’t currently use) It should have the following type of things.

  • 90 days of food storage (everything you might need) Wheat, flour, Rice, Pasta, Sugar,Dry milk, fruits, veggies, meats
  • Personal hygiene products shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotions, razors
  • First Aid and Medicines
  • 90 days worth of bare minimum bill savings Long term emergency food storage:

Once your family has life Sustaining Storage you want to add to it to get to 6 months storage
then add until you get everything to 9 months and finally till you have 12 months.

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